I have completed a module but I am unable to move onto the quiz. What do I do?

If you have completed a module and the quiz is not automatically available when you return to the e-learning platform, you may have inadvertently missed a page or bullet point. Try these steps:

  • go back to the module that you have just been working on, click on the Menu button displayed in the top left hand corner of the online course screen
  • look to see if you have completed all the chapters displayed. You will know this if they appear in grey - see example below


  • if any of the chapters appear in black, click on them and ensure you complete all the tasks on the screen and click all the tabs that provide you with information
  • once the module is completed, i.e. all chapters are grey, the quiz will be available

Please see example of uncompleted module below:


When I try to play the course nothing happens.

When you launch a course the system tries to open a new window called a pop-up.

Many browsers block all pop-ups so you will need to set your browser to allow them.

  • For Internet Explorer: click on tools, pop-up blocker and select turn off pop-up blocker and the course will launch normally
  • Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari users will be warned that the system is trying to open a new window, just click allow and the course will launch normally

The course launches but I cannot move past the first page.

Navigation through the course is by the menu button in the top left of the screen or the forward and backwards arrows in the bottom right of the screen.

Our courses are designed to display on a standard screen size but if you are using a netbook or laptop with a very small screen it can chop off the buttons at the bottom of the screen. To see these you will need to resize the screen by following the simple instructions below:

  • Minimize all windows so that you can see your desktop background
  • Using the mouse, right click anywhere on the desktop, a menu will appear on which you need to select display properties
  • A new window will appear called display properties
  • Click on the settings tab at the top of the window and your monitor settings will appear
  • Half way down this page there will be a setting called resolution with a slider control
  • Using the mouse drag the slider to the right, towards more, 1024x768 or more will allow our courses to display correctly

I can't hear any sound during the video clips.

Make sure that you have the volume turned up on your computer and that the sound is not muted:

  • Use the mouse to right click the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen
  • Uncheck the "muted" tick box
  • Adjust the volume to a comfortable level (for best results we recommend headphones)

Can I stop halfway through the course and come back to it?

Yes, you can close the e-learning session if necessary and when you next open the course it will return you to the page you viewed last. You can also review material from the package at any time by choosing the chapter you would like to review from the 'Menu' button on the top left corner of the e-learning package. 

Can I access my e-learning from a smart phone or a tablet?

Yes you can, however a laptop or desktop computer will enable you to complete certain tasks better and enable you to see content more clearly.

Where do I find my certificate?

You will find a link to your certificate once you have completed the course. Please be aware that the certificate will only be accessible if you have successfully completed all the modules and quizzes. You can access your certificate at the very bottom of the e-learning platform page. 

Last modified: Thursday, 14 May 2015, 12:11 PM